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China's hardware industry status quo: "Lost" and "abnorma

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:47:09

  When the financial crisis sweeping the globe, the Chinese hardware industry was not spared, some strength is not strong, low-tech companies going out of business, changing the converting. Hardware Industry Association to carry out various forms of seminars, trade media from a different perspective called on the save those "poor business."
  China Hardware & Electrical industry collectively lost and metamorphosis
  US subprime mortgage crisis like the plague spread to every corner of the world, China is also not spared. Chinese government announced GDP growth is slowing down, the United States, the Europeans to tighten their belts, reducing the use of cheap Chinese goods, while Chinese Internet marketing iconic figure shouted to Mr. Ma Yun Chinese SMEs Scream "winter" came when China Hardware & Electrical Industry disoriented seemingly overnight, become slaves environmental integrity can be sad indeed!
  Industry Association to carry out various forms of seminars, hired well-known experts in the field of so-called "sermon", these are normal, understandable, but the author in China Hardware & Electrical business owners there to see more panic, is headless rattling around like flies, usually those so-called entrepreneurs doing things which went rock solid, usually those who talk of where to go, usually those who manage the road where to go, I have to ask.
  As the media should play in this objective reporting, and correctly guide the role and function. Our industry can be a lot of media almost unanimously that we save those "poor business" it! But never from the height of the economic analysis of law, this phenomenon is only a negative performance of the economic cycle, and will definitely eliminate some enterprises, companies should take advantage of such a challenge, to improve themselves. If the business is difficult to deal with, and why others are not thinking businesses safe, their companies are at stake, this is the time to review their own right.
  Tianjin Wenguang Group Chairman Gawain light to the China Hardware & Electrical industry has set a great example, he told reporters: "They give employees a pay cut, I give employees a raise; others laid off, I expand the scale, recruiting new people", so the rhetoric and approach has rarely been, at least in the mechanical and electrical hardware industry, it is uncommon for children; while this statement to the Chinese colleagues in the head with a metal rod, winter is required reserve before winter, not cramming.
  As the Chinese government, Chinese enterprises (including of course China's mechanical and electrical hardware business) kind of speechless frustration. For China's mechanical and electrical hardware industry, from the general labor force to solve the Chinese point of view, of course, the government needs to be able to provide a lot of jobs in China general mechanical and electrical hardware companies abound and sustainable development. But on the other hand, China Hardware & Electrical Industry backward technology, low value-added products, overcapacity quite serious; in the long run, this labor-intensive, resource-consuming enterprises will hinder China Hardware & Electrical Industry integrity upgrades, reduced Chinese products in the international competitiveness, therefore, the government lowered the export tax rebates for some products in 2007, unequivocally expressed determination to eliminate part of Laggards.
  Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang, shortly before a relentless mercilessly pumping a slap in the face of Chinese enterprises, that is, "Never save Laggards", the Guangdong provincial government this statement indicates the determination and courage. China's market economy development today, not anyone become fetters, even take the employment issue as a pretext, and never can be.
  Financial crisis has opened a China Hardware & Electrical industry behind the veil
  From raw material prices to the appreciation of the renminbi [1], the promulgation of the new "Labor Contract Law" to cut export tax rebates, to the current financial crisis, even the economic crisis, the Chinese mechanical and electrical hardware business in just two years has experienced a never there have been fluctuations, changes in the economic environment and policies, some sudden, some are predictable.
  Before the advent of the financial crisis, China mechanical and electrical hardware companies under the "four weight", can barely breathe normally, while the arrival of the financial crisis, like Atlas Perak, both shaken the foundation of many companies, but also hurt Many of our so-called entrepreneurs feelings, only with a "miserable" word to describe.
  Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and hardware manufacturing companies closed down nearly one-third of workers with sad eyes left the factory for many years; business owners feel dejected, some running, some escaped. The negative part of the business operating profit, while well-known foreign companies and domestic high-quality companies are not affected. The Chinese Famous Brand of Zhejiang Boda Electric Co., Ltd., its sales in the first half of 2008 declined slightly, Metabo China's performance with 40% annual growth rate. Bosch Power Tools is the use of such a crisis contrarian, the others are at greatly reduced costs when they increase brand marketing efforts in a number of television advertising power tools to promote sales. I believe that for Bosch, the best time of the financial crisis is the game with their peers, so why do the same confusion as domestic enterprises.
  Therefore, in a crisis, many of our companies were eliminated, some companies still insist that some companies limited by its impact. My conclusion is: behind will be eliminated, China Hardware & Electrical industry as a whole will move forward and backward under the weight of the situation, the crisis has opened a China Hardware & Electrical industry behind the veil to reveal the scar is always painful, but In the long run, more good than harm.
  Without mercy behind hardware companies should 痛打落水狗
  China is in dire straits in the mechanical and electrical hardware industry needs no mercy, but survival of the fittest. From the perspective of political economy, government departments Laggards difficult to give up; and from law to consider the market economy, industrial upgrading from a holistic consideration of the industry, since we can not take the initiative to eliminate these companies, with the power of the financial crisis, is bound will eliminate those backward enterprises should die. , Simple labor-intensive, resource-consuming enterprises necessarily need to be technology and capital-intensive businesses to upgrade from long-term consideration of China's economy, then let us mind to, discard mercy, beat the water business, because in essence, they must dead, so, China Hardware & Electrical industry to completely get rid of imitation stage, the stage of price competition, to high value-added, technology innovation era of brand marketing.

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