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Three trends in the hardware industry

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:46:38

  After thirty years of development, China's hardware industry has become more mature, and in the world market also occupies an important position in China's current production of metal products, many in the world, such as lighters, zippers, wrenches, pliers, etc., are in abroad have a good sales record. Meanwhile, after years of development, the characteristics of China's hardware industry cluster development of increasingly noticeable.
  China is one of the world's largest producer of metal, has become the country's largest metal processing and exporting country in the world, with a vast market and consumption potential. With the development of society and economy, the hardware industry in the new situation, cluster development also has distinctive features.
  Hardware development of industrial clusters are divided into three types. One type has a long history, a typical representative of Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang City is the southern region of township enterprises started earlier industrial satellite town to hardware started by hardware fortune, more than 70 years of production history. Second, aggregated industry, a typical representative of Yongkang annual sales income over hundreds of billions of large hardware industry gathering area, a local pillar industries. Third, the market development model, a typical representative of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, after years of development, formed locks, gas appliance as a leader on the downstream products and all kinds of accessories complete the industry group. These three types of industrial clusters is different, formed its own advantages and characteristics, not only as a place to make a significant contribution, but also support the development of China's hardware industry to grow, out of an important pillar of strength abroad.
  Obvious advantages of industrial clusters, it can effectively manage costs and solve the problem of high agency costs, transaction costs and avoid the problem of high cost of logistics due to long-distance exchanges. Industrial clusters in favor of deep division between enterprises, and the depth of the division of labor is also beneficial to the fine and help to improve efficiency, there is conducive to technological innovation. Meanwhile favorable investment, but also help save transaction costs, but also easier to inspire a sense of competition [2].

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