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Today the development of the hardware industry

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:47:39

  Hardware industry is very fast, the most traditional hardware industry concentrated mainly in a few markets mechanical fittings, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, hardware that several major section. Hardware industry industry concentration trends are obvious, the domestic hardware industry is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and other economically developed provinces and regions. Traditional hardware companies relatively simple products, many companies only to other manufacturers do matching accessories, dependence on manufacturing companies are relatively strong, but the market's reaction is very slow demand. Traditional hardware companies do not pay attention to the development and extension of new products in the market, resulting in the continued competitiveness of enterprises lack the face of increasingly specialized market demand, increasing competition, and soon many of the early development of the hardware business subsequent felt powerless.
  How can we make the business has continued competitiveness, many hardware companies are thinking about the issue. Thus, the concept of "big hardware manufacturers' hardware industry is gradually business people and experts on various occasions mentioned, integration of hardware - the voice of the manufacturing industry is also growing. Hardware industry mainly to change the physical shape by metal raw materials, processing and assembly and thus become a product. Long as it is a metal component assembly for industrial processes belong to the category of major hardware industry. If we expand the concept to hardware manufacturers throughout manufacturing, from the height of the development of the manufacturing sector to think about the hardware industry, the concept of the "big hardware manufacturing," the resulting health: the material collected from the metal refining process to the primary metal products to manufacture generic production equipment, and then extended to the manufacture of special equipment for various sectors of the national economy, the whole industry chain in the production activities, can be called "big hardware manufacturers."
  In the hardware industry are concentrated, such as the integration of the former Zhejiang Yongkang, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places, the traditional hardware manufacturers and the progressive realization of the post. Originally only the production of metal spare parts manufacturers are also involved in the manufacture of large machinery. Usually an area of ​​business, they realized between supply spare parts from raw material to finished product manufacturing and processing to enterprise integration strategy. Hardware manufacturers also pay more attention to research and development and technological innovation, scientific and technological research and development but also promote industrial upgrading hardware business. "Great hardware manufacturer" has become a common practice in the areas of industrial concentration.
  In fact, the large metal hardware change is the process of transformation of traditional hardware to modern hardware, and that the only option is to rely on scientific and technological progress, and take the science and technology park, the road of Industrial Science and Technology. How to integrate all resources within the metal industry, metal manufacturing industry so that more adapt to the trend of economic globalization? Information integration capabilities of the Internet to provide a possible alliance industry: the emergence of e-commerce platform for the industry to many enterprises to provide a trading platform across space, using the Internet to sell their products have developed the practice. 2004 China's most commercially valuable commercial sites, B2B industry accounted for most of the country, metal industry website is in the forefront.

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