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Stretching pieces in the process of problem

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:50:35

  High tensile metal parts processing productivity, and easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This is because the stamping dies and stamping equipment rely on to complete the processing, general press trips for up to dozens of times per minute, high-speed pressure to be up to hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each trip is pressing might get a stamping. Because when you stretch the size and shape of the mold to ensure the accuracy of drawing parts, and generally do not damage the surface quality of drawn parts, and generally longer life of the mold, so stretch of stable quality, good interchangeability, with "exactly the same feature ". Stretch processed out size range larger than the shape of complex parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, large car rails, panels, etc., plus stamping material when cold deformation hardening effect, punching strength and stiffness are higher. Usually no tensile scrap chips generated, less material consumption, and does not require other heating devices, so it is a material saving, energy-saving method of processing, low cost tensile member. Drawing parts manufacturers
  Stretching pieces of hardware technical layout: drawing parts should be as simple shape, symmetry, can make a deep drawing; repeated drawing of parts required, under the premise of ensuring the necessary surface quality, should allow the inner and outer appearance of the existence of the drawing trace process can occur; in ensuring the premise installation requirements, should promise drawing parts sidewalls have a certain slope; bottom of the hole or flange drawing parts on edge-to-sidewall spacer to fit; drawing bottom and wall to wall flange, rectangular piece of fillet radius corners to fit, take deep pull the bottom piece with radius walls 1pr = 1.5mm, mm5.1r2p =, drawing and wall flange radius mm2rd1 =, mm5.1r2d =; drawing parts marking scale, the scale should be marked to ensure the shape is still in the form scale, can not be together in the shape marking scale. Drawing parts manufacturers
  Stepped drawing parts, its scale height direction indicated normally be at the bottom of the base, if the upper portion of the base, the height scale is not easy to ensure. Drawing parts of Gongyi scale precision drawing parts should T13 level below, not above the IT11 level. This drawing parts look-up table to determine the accuracy class IT12 ~ IT13., Drawing a blank piece thickness t = 0.5mm. Drawing parts generally should not exceed the thickness of Gongyi demand technical drawing wall thickness to change the rules. Drawing parts of data for drawing data usually has good ductility demand, low yield ratio, the large thickness of directivity and a small plate plane direction. Parts of this information drawing mold has been determined to be 08 steel.

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