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Hardware origin

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:44:49

  The most primitive form from the windows slightly altered form of the doorway, whose role is to withstand harsh outdoor lighting and weather. This time window is very rich material from the goatskin parchment, horn sheet of paper to linseed oil - in fact any kind of translucent, light-permeable material can be used for windows. With the role of Europe in the 11th century to build Christian churches and a large stained-glass applications, windows become decorative arts to render the mystery religions. Before the end of the 17th century, "grilles" restricted glass production, are based on the corresponding contour grid fan inlaid into small pieces of glass on it. So this time window function is sheltered and to prevent thieves invasion. Until the late 17th century, with the changes progress, industrialization era glass production, the relationship between man and nature, people realized that the windows should be purely functional - and not just a simple lighting, viewing and shelter for effect. During this period the British invented the straight edge style vertical hinged windows (ie casement); Dutch invented the hanging window (ie, pulling down the window), hanging from one ledge to slide vertically pulley device control. Marking the "window hardware system" was born.
  Objectives and the role of hardware systems in aluminum doors and windows system development
  With the continuous development of architectural forms and functional requirements of Fenestration become increasingly demanding, and in order to meet the requirements of the building, the role of technology in the door hardware system design also needs to be re-thought. It looks very simple, but it is not. This requires careful planning, guidance and invested a lot of energy and financial resources in order to achieve this design goal. Development and design of hardware systems should have a certain adaptability and flexibility. In the design and development process should take full account of "building factor" and the "human factor." It decorative, functional, safety, convenience and comfort should meet the requirements of architectural design.
  The ultimate goal for the system development and design of aluminum doors and windows ---- kinds of new doors and windows form only if the designer had in mind a complete clear design concepts, in order to produce clear windows form. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the designer must be traced back to the original function of factors issues, and some models can be found in them. Only by understanding our goals and design criteria before system development. So the doors and windows and doors and hardware system development selection or development are closely linked and mutually reinforcing. More importantly, the doors and windows of the wind pressure deformation, water tightness, air tightness, insulation, sound insulation, internal deformation, opening and closing of the vertical load, so the repeated opening and closing of the related hardware systems, hardware systems doors and windows performance will play a decisive role, as door and window industry expert Professor Li Zhiyi advocated "non-supporting cast metal parts, but the windows and doors of the heart."
  Diversification of window hardware systems
  Development of architectural design and window systems technology, and the further development of industrial machinery and materials, architectural hardware category from the traditional to the simplest form, functionality, dedicated development. Doors and windows would be more vitality, energy systems, lighting systems, ventilation systems and windows make contact with a more accurate hardware features, as well as the doors and windows of the relevant systems and good adaptability. A variety of hardware systems came into being, such as the common form of the market: the outer casement hardware, flat open hardware inside, inside open and pour metal, hanging in the window hardware (vertical hanging transfer), hanging in the window hardware rotation (horizontal ), hanging outside the window hardware, sliding metal outer flat push hardware, introversion smooth lateral hardware, electrical hardware, intelligent electrical hardware, hardware folded open, pulling hardware, ventilation equipment, and so on.
  Following an analysis on the doors and windows for ventilation function, we can see the prospect of door hardware and diversification direction. 2002 edition of the "China Eco-housing technology assessment Handbook" requirements "when doors open due drafts indoor conditions, more than 90 percent of the interior space to be able to achieve natural ventilation" (prerequisite). National Housing and living environment engineering center to prepare "healthy residential construction technical points" called 2001 "residential living space should be natural ventilation, no ventilation dead", "should prevent air pollution damage to human health and to combat indoor air pathogens and harmful substances. In the winter heating and air conditioning during the summer, due indoor fresh air exchange and additional equipment. " Indicated above requirements is the full use of natural ventilation, ventilation and windows need to install supporting hardware control to adjust the sash open wind direction, wind speed and the amount of wind, the side effect is that the heat loss, increasing the burden of building energy consumption, and air entrained impurities and mosquitoes into the room and so on. Summer and winter, the indoor temperature rapidly changes with ventilation, cool in summer due to leaks in the indoor temperature, the winter indoor heat rapidly and cause a lot of loss, indoor and outdoor air flow along the heat change is an important cause of energy consumption of building energy consumption accounts for roughly of about 20%. Taking into account the time factor ventilation, windows open and fans tend to be instantly turned off, if a filter device Window ventilation hardware design, although timely ventilation effect is not obvious, but sustainable ventilation, and indoor temperature slow change, better adapted to the comfort and health of need. Therefore, by combining hardware window system is designed so that you can achieve good natural ventilation.

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