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Hardware consumption

发布时间:2015-03-27 12:43:44

  With the gradual increase people's consumption level, ordinary people into the family car, car accessories, hand tools and car care needs has been greatly improved. Car lorry tools including wrenches, jacks, rivet gun, especially the best selling electric car lorry tools. Electric car lorry tools, small size, light weight, excellent performance, safety. Rivet also be applied to decorating, carpentry and other decoration industry, too.
  At the same time, the combination of tools and practical family started to enter the homes of ordinary people. Exquisite packaging, complete the type, range of functions and reasonable price, is a good helper for households and businesses, but also the gift of good gifts. In particular, some foreign tourists, for practical household combination tool is a soft spot, buy a gift or for personal use, economical and affordable.
  Hardware Tools product demand is very strong, especially the emergence of gift tool suite for the hardware industry pointed out a new path. Garden tools are openly ordinary people into the family. Its style and color is also a monotonic change in the past, adding a unique shape and color colorful yellow, green, blue, etc., especially in the type of instrument, but also rich than the previous lot.
  International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, driven by the emerging trends in the hardware market, practical household tools, garden tools, automotive supplies, tools, machine tools and other metal tools with commodity price Yang Qiao goods, purchasing steadily, sales situation is optimistic should vigorously develop power tools, hand tools, measuring tools, range finders, pneumatic tools, garden tools, desktop tools, focusing on the development of high-end sophisticated combination of tools, automotive hand tools, architectural hardware, kitchen electric tools and other products, and accelerate multi-species, multi-standard, with a series of core technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights.
  Clear development priorities, it is time to promote the upgrading of industrial structure. The production and operation of the power tool industry situation is still strong. Domestic demand is still a great power tool market, the domestic enterprises to promote positive direction mainly to the domestic production and management of those companies. But it also noted that due to the difficulties encountered in exports, many had only exports of electric tools business started or have already turned to the domestic market, increased competition in the domestic market of electric tools. Those who take the "defense" in the face of difficult situation, enterprising companies probably will encounter more crises. The foreign import hardware tools business is very focused on the new product design, R & D departments are planned way affiliated users a lot of research every year, and on this basis, the new design of the product. Stanley and other hardware company in China oem orders, new products appear every year. Therefore, we want to see the gap, continuous learning in order to better develop beyond.

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